Organization in Florida that helps people with disabilities

People with disabilities were always looked at by other eyes. After many years of fighting, we managed to fight for their rights. Now every person with disabilities must treat everyone as a normal person. As a result, our organization has been created to help all people with disabilities. We started as an organization that keeps records of people with disabilities, and now we are here to fight for their rights.

How did it start?

The first thing we came up with was a weekly gathering to socialize and entertain because they did deserve it, by the way, the people who followed them could exchange opinions and experiences. People started asking us many questions. Then we decided to try to hold lectures so that we could help everyone and let everyone go to the question.

Vehicles, exercise equipment, and coaches

EquipmentOur next step was to compile vehicles that can help transport people with disabilities and training exercises to alleviate the symptoms of the disability. The Government of Florida gave us maximum support and enabled us to purchase everything we needed.

We have heard that there is special training for people who will train disabled people. We decided to send a few people for training to start. And here the Florida government faltered us and helped us in the pursuit of the goal. When they returned from training, we gave them the persons with the gravest disability. After all the praise of the expertise of our people, we decided to take a step forward. We have opened a competition that is open to all people of good will who want to help with some kind of financial compensation to be able to go on training.

Giving a chance for job and study

We have also established a legal team that helps people with disabilities to be employed and, in the event of their being rejected, our attorneys who appeal to the state and seek a solution immediately appear. A large number of people with disabilities are employed, and their bosses are overwhelmed. We have chosen to open a special department in elementary schools and even at faculties. Unfortunately, not all people with disabilities can go to college. We could only get people with a lightweight disabled to study to be provided with study conditions.

Why we do this?

We are a small organization, but we are here to help those who are discarded from the rest of society. And we do it because many do not see that people with a big heart’s disability and their smile are the most beautiful in the world because they laugh when everything is terrible around them.