Unfortunately, we can not help everyone in person. That’s why we left a few links on this site that can help you with some tips:

  1. On this link, you can find some information about each disability in particular. There are things you did not know, so here you can read: (link)
  2. In case you are not able to transport a person with disabilities, you can order a carriage and with minimal fees transfer to the destination and back: (link)
  3. On this link are the seminars to which you can apply and determine where you will be and attend the lecture. Scheduling is mandatory due to a limited number of places: (link)
  4. In case you want to train your trainer, there is an opportunity to see all the information you need to obtain a license: (link)
  5. This is the link to a law office that can help you in the event of discrimination in the workplace: (link)
  6. You can see here when we make trips, parties, tombolas and join us: (link)
  7. Law on persons with disabilities: (link)

For all other information, you can come to our office.

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