People who help people with disabilities

Coaches will have to prepare trainers approaching people with disabilities and the difficulties they will encounter during the training. For this training person who is patient and attentive are needed. One can not be unwilling and impatient to work with these people. People with disabilities will feel depressed in case you are watching them, and you are upset that they cannot perform it quickly. You need to know that they are much more sense knowing the situation. The more you give them more attention, they will more effectively perform tasks and will not even feel the pressure you are putting on them, as it is very small.

1. Goals in colleague training in working with people with disabilities are:

  1. To improve what they can do
  2. Provide technical capabilities
  3. Establish a good relationship with the person with whom you spend time
  4. To improve what they can do

The trainers should focus on the daily reality of the participants’ common life through direct discussion with the participants and offer the appropriate advice:

– Accept who you are

– Think positively and make sure you can do it

Every confidence-building process is good for people with disabilities.

2. Provide technical capabilities and capacities

People with disabilitiesCoaches need to focus on the skills needed to successfully perform all the tasks associated with selected small enterprises that will be established in rural areas. These skills and tasks will vary from one job to another.

For people with physical disabilities, certain techniques may need to be replaced to replace the “conventional way” of working things. For example, the use of a foot or mouth by the hand proved very effective. Certain tools and devices can also be adapted to the person’s physical disability. All exercises must be adjusted to the degree of disability of a person.

3. Establish a good relationship with the person with whom you spend time

Regular communication with trainers and all involved parties will provide participants with timely information on existing training programs.