5 Ways to Make Your Business More Accessible

With the large number of people with disabilities in our country, it just makes sense to make your business as accessible as possible. Not only does this help increase the quality of life for everyone, it helps drive more customers your way. Consider the following five tips to make your business as welcoming as possible.

1.) Have Dedicated Parking for People with Disabilities

Make sure you have parking spots near your entrance that are clearly marked for people with disabilities. You also need to make sure that you keep this area clean and clear. This means keeping bushes and trees nearby trimmed and promptly shoveling snow.

2.) Install Ramps and Automatic Doors

One of the best ways to make people with disabilities feel welcome is to make it easy to get through your door. Since almost every door is raised, a ramp will be necessary to help those in wheelchairs get to it. Installing automatic doors may be a bit of expense but it will be worth it in the long run.

3.) Have Updated Signage

Certain considerations for any signs in your building can help everyone communicate clearer. Use as big of a font as is reasonable on your signs. It is a good idea to include the words in Braille. The lettering should also be raised and you should use contrasting colors. Keep in mind that “handicapped” and “disabled” are no longer considered politically correct words. Instead, consider calling things accessible.

4.) Keep Aisles and Parking Lots Clear

It is important that your business has enough room for people with wheelchairs to move around in. An overcrowded building is not appealing to any customers. By keeping the aisles clear, you are presenting a more welcoming space for everyone. In the parking lot, be sure that sidewalks and other main walkways do not have low-hanging branches or overgrown bushes that can be hazardous to your customers.

5.) Train Your Employees

In order to give customers with disabilities a pleasant shopping experience, it is essential that your staff knows how to communicate and to be open-minded. Help prepare your staff for dealing with a wide variety of situations, like having a customer who is hard of hearing or difficulty with their vision. A compassionate employee can make all of the difference in a customer’s shopping experience.